Important guidelines for making IGNOU MCOP 1 Project

IGNOU MCOP 1 Project Work is worth 6–8 credits, and you are expected to put in a total of 180 hours to finish it. You have to make a copy of your IGNOU MCOP 1 Project Report that is typed and bound. Your Project Report could be between 15000 and 20000 words long (50 to 60 pages). Keep this in mind as you choose the theme for the Project.

You need to create first an IGNOU MCOP 1 Synopsis Proposal, and you should do it with the assistance of your Supervisor or an Academic Counselor who is accessible at your study centre or any research Institute of your choosing.

The supervisor will familiarise you with local groups and agencies that may be relevant to your work, give you letters of authorization that will enable you to make inquiries and investigations in different offices pertaining to your work, make the library at the study centre accessible to you for consultation purposes, advise you, to the best of his/her ability, about your theme, location of your data, and general work plan, and suggest books and articles that you may find useful.

It is important to emphasise that the following components must be included into your IGNOU MCOP 1 Project Synopsis/Proposal:

  • The name of the project that is being proposed;
  • A good summation of the issue(s) that are going to be investigated;
  • The goals of the research that is being suggested;
  • Questions related to research that need to be asked;
  • The kind of data or information that will be employed, the methodology of the research, and the anticipated results.

How to make IGNOU MCOP 1 Project Synopsis?

An IGNOU MCOP 1 Synopsis is a 10-20 page overview of the subject necessary for the IGNOU MCOP 1 Project. This is the project’s initial process. It is sometimes referred to as the proposition. The synopsis must be accepted; if the synopsis is not approved by the guide, you will be unable to provide a report. As a result, writing a synopsis is an essential aspect of creating a project.

When your IGNOU MCOP 1 Project Synopsis was finished, you moved on to the next phase, which was the approval of the synopsis. After that, you could go on to the next step.

  • Your first order of business is to make your way to the learning centre in order to have the guide signed.
  • The guide will sometimes provide the necessary adjustment.
  • After that, you make the necessary adjustments to the synopsis in accordance with the directives provided by the guide.
  • The guide will not sign the synopsis until all of the necessary revisions have been made.
  • Once the guide has signed the synopsis, you will need to go to the Maidan Garhi to get the synopsis approved.
  • You are required to hand in your homework to the main office of IGNOU, which is located in Maidan Garhi.
  • You have the option of sending your synopsis via the mail or delivering it in person to the main office on your own.
  • The approval of the synopsis takes about one month to process after the first submission.

When the guide casually signs the synopsis and makes no corrections to what you’ve written, it does not always mean that your synopsis will be accepted. It is up to the instructors at Maidan Garhi to decide whether or not the summary should be approved.

After submitting your synopsis, you should wait anywhere from one to two months before receiving feedback in the form of a letter. If your synopsis is not accepted, then you can write a fresh synopsis based on a different subject. In the event that your synopsis was accepted, the next step will be to create a report based on this synopsis.

When you can submit IGNOU MCOP 1 Project?

The early deadline of the 31st of October for the submission of an IGNOU MCOP 1 Project for the IGNOU TEE Dec has been established. However, if it seems like the students won’t be able to complete their projects on time, the university could push back the deadline even more. IGNOU has mandated that all student project reports must now be uploaded to the website in order to be considered. Here is the solution to any query you may have had about where to submit the IGNOU project that you have been pondering.

How to submit IGNOU MCOP 1 Project?

Students are encouraged to use digital methods to get the approval of the Project Guide on the Project Synopsis. They may do this by contacting the Regional Center through email in order to fulfil this recommendation. You may look for the email address of your Regional Center by visiting the website for your Regional Center and using the search bar there. Candidates are able to submit their project reports in a straightforward manner on the official website of IGNOU, which can be accessed at

And if you are submitting your IGNOU MCOP 1 Project in a non-digital format, then you are required to hard bind your project report, include a synopsis, and send it through expedited mail to the IGNOU head office address, which is located in Maidan Garhi.

You are required to send your project by expedited mail to the appropriate department. For instance, if you are a student studying psychology, then you are required to send your project via expedited mail to the School of Social Science Maidan Garhi, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110068. Every course has its own unique department, and you are required to hand in your work to the appropriate department.

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You can also download the sample project for the IGNOU MCOP 1 Project Synopsis Report by clicking on the link below.

Sample Project Download

Important guidelines for making IGNOU MCOP 1 Project

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