IGNOU MS 100 Synopsis – MBA Project Part

Necessity of writing IGNOU MS 100 Synopsis

To get an MBA degree from IGNOU, students must finish the MBA Project course i.e., MS 100. Because IGNOU is a distance education institution, completing these projects in a timely way is a significant problem. Because virtually all of the IGNOU MBA students are working professionals, they often lack the time and resources to complete this assignment on their own. Writing a synopsis and project for MBA programmes from IGNOU is difficult, which is why we provide you a step-by-step guide on writing an IGNOU MS 100 Synopsis.

After enrolling in MS-01 and MS-11 Courses, students are eligible to participate in MS 100 Project Work. The Project can maintain any of the functional areas, such as sales and marketing, human resource management, operations, and finance.

Step 1: Select Topics for IGNOU MS 100 Synopsis

Finding a decent topic is more difficult than performing research and writing a report. Fortunately, there are some excellent topics available to assist you in establishing your purpose. These are just a few suggestions to help you get started.

Step 2: Choose Guide/Supervisor for IGNOU MS 100 Synopsis

A supervisor is required to ensure that the project is completed. He walks you through the study’s ethical requirements and shows you how to adhere to project reporting requirements. Additionally, he provides you with an authority document that enables you to collect data for a research study.

Eligible of MBA Project Guide

ii) Teachers of Management/Counsellors of Management programmes with a minimum of five years of post-graduate teaching experience/Professionals with a Master’s degree in Management or associated disciplines and a minimum of five years of experience in the relevant field. [Extraordinary circumstances may warrant consideration of a guide with a B.E. degree and five years of relevant teaching/professional experience].

Please note that the guide may not be a spouse, direct relative, or blood related.

If the Faculty does not approve the proposed guide, the student will be told, and the student will replace the guide and resubmit the project proposal with the new guide’s signature, since it will be regarded a new proposal.

Similarly, if a student wishes to change their guide for whatever reason, they must submit the project proposal together with the new guide’s signature on a new project proposal proforma, since this would be regarded a new submission.

Academic counsellors should explicitly state which courses they are counselling and since when, as well as the name and code of the study centre to which they are assigned. The University would compensate the project guide with a token stipend of Rs 500/- for guiding the student.

A guide is not authorised to guide more than five pupils at any given time.

Students are urged to choose guides who are active experts in the field of the specified topic, e.g., if the topic is finance, the guide should be a finance specialist, and so on. Additionally, project guides are urged to limit their guidance to projects inside their primary specialisation area.

Step 3: Writing an IGNOU MS 100 Synopsis

A synopsis is a plan that necessitates planning in order to accomplish the project’s goals. Prior to the start of construction, designers utilise blueprints to prepare for the project. A summary is a comprehensive document that contains all of the report’s sections, including a description of the problem and its relevance, the development of hypothesis(es), and a bibliography.

A summary must include all of the project’s specifications. A streamlined procedure must be devised. Let us look at the several sorts of specifications that are necessary for the IGNOU MS 100 Synopsis. The following specifications are applicable:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Rationale
  • Objectives
  • Hypothesis
  • Research Methodology
  • Method of Data Analysis
  • Delimitations
  • References

Consider the Sample Synopsis below as an example.

Step 4: Submission of IGNOU MS 100 Synopsis

After selecting a guide and settling on a topic, students should submit the Project Proposal Proforma, one copy of the proposal, and the guide’s bio-data to The Coordinator (Projects), School of Management Studies, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 for approval.

Proposals that are deficient in any way will be rejected. It is recommended that students preserve a copy of the proposal. Proposals that do not include a complete and signed Bio-Data of the guide (as specified in para 3(ii) above) will be disregarded. Throughout the year, project proposals can be submitted. However, the project proposal must be submitted to the school no later than the conclusion of the second semester (within 12 months) after MS-100 registration. This is to guarantee that students have at least eight to nine months to finish their project work and submit it prior to the expiration of the fourth semester of MS-100 registration validity. If Project Proposals are submitted at the school after the 12-month period of MS-100 registration, the school will not be responsible for their prompt disposition. Those that fall into this group are at risk of missing the deadline for submitting the project report. They may be required to re-register for MS-100 in such instances.

Approval Communication

A formal notification notifying the student of the approval/rejection of the project proposal will be delivered to the student within four months (excluding the faculty’s vacation time) following the proposal’s reception in the School.

MBA Project Proposal Resubmission

If the proposal is not approved, the student will get comments/suggestions for rewriting the proposal. In this case, the revised project proposal should be submitted along with a new project proposal proforma, a copy of the rejected proposal, and a copy of the rejected proposal and project proposal proforma bearing the evaluator’s comments and the School of Management Studies’ P.P. No. (Project Proposal Number).

FAQs Related to IGNOU MS 100 Synopsis

Q. How can I prepare for MS 100 in IGNOU?

A. Prepare an effective research proposal and employ an acceptable research strategy for the IGNOU MBA Project, the IGNOU MBA Synopsis, and the IGNOU MBA Report. Conduct scientific research in a systematic manner. Analyze the data once it has been collected. Utilize relevant statistical techniques to aid in the learning process IGNOU MBA Synopsis.

Q. What is IGNOU MS 100?

A. MS 100 is the project programme code of MBA course in IGNOU.

Q. Where can I submit IGNOU MS 100 Project?

A. The envelope should be clearly marked “MS-100” and sent to The Coordinator (Projects), IGNOU School of Management Studies, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110 068.

Q. Can I submit the IGNOU MS 100 Synopsis online?

A. Yes. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, IGNOU began accepting synopses and projects through the online mode.

IGNOU MS 100 Synopsis – MBA Project Part

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