How to do IGNOU BTS Synopsis?

Need of writing IGNOU BTS Synopsis

IGNOU BTS synopsis describes the summary of physical facilities that are reserved for an exempt business activity. Synopsis work is a piece of autonomous research or inquiry work. A student who studies the problem of tourism will determine a decision on it. This information and insight obtained from Tourism courses is applied through project work. Project’s purpose is to enable students to use what they learn in class and foster their own skills. Learning can lead to the creation of an IGNOU BTS Synopsis.

Select Topics for IGNOU BTS Synopsis

In my opinion, finding good topic is more challenging than conducting research and drafting a report. Luckily, there are some wonderful resources that aid you in determining your purpose. These are only a few ideas to get you started.

IGNOU BTS Synopsis Topics List

Choose Guide/Supervisor for IGNOU BTS Synopsis

Project completion requires a supervisor. He guides you through the ethics of the study procedure and teaches you how to meet project reporting obligations. Additionally, he sends the authorization letter, which will aid you in obtaining data for a research study on various communities, tourism facilities, institutions, or organisations pertaining to his territory. Study Centre/Regional Centre (wherever it is necessary).

Writing an IGNOU BTS Synopsis

A synopsis is a plan that requires planning to realise the project’s objectives. Designers use blueprints before construction begins to prepare for the project. A synopsis is a full document comprising several parts of the report, including an explanation of the problem and its significance, the formulation of hypothesis(es) (if appropriate), and a bibliography.

A synopsis must incorporate all of the project requirements. An efficient process must be established. Let’s examine numerous types of specs required for the BTS Synopsis. The following specs apply:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Rationale
  • Objectives
  • Hypothesis
  • Research Methodology
  • Method of Data Analysis
  • Delimitations
  • References (APA Format)

Look the Below Sample Synopsis for reference.

Submission of IGNOU BTS Synopsis

You must submit your synopsis to your study/Regional centre for further evaluation of your project work after preparing it under the supervision of your guide/supervisor. Following that, the Study Centre will email synopses to the Program Coordinator, IGNOU, New Delhi, Discipline of Tourism Studies.

The synopses will be evaluated by the faculty. When suggestions are required, they will be supplied. As a result, you’ll need to resubmit the synopsis after making the necessary adjustments. Before the deadline, submit your synopsis/proposal.

If the synopsis is rejected, you will receive feedback and ideas for rewriting the proposal. In this case, the revised project synopsis should be provided together with a new Project synopsis permission form, as well as the prior project synopsis approval form, which should include the faculty’s comments and suggestions. Along with the updated synopsis, the original synopsis will be sent.

FAQs Related to IGNOU BTS Synopsis

Q. What is BTS in IGNOU?

A. BTS means Bachelor of Tourism Studies. Tourism is tough to provide in a remote form due to its practical character. IGNOU’s Tourism Studies discipline aims to deliver tourism programmes that include project components so that students may obtain practical experience and benefit from improved learning.

Q. Where can I submit IGNOU BTS Report?

A. For seeking the submission of IGNOU BTS Report, it can be forwarded to the concerned Regional Centre at > Regional Network > Regional Centre’s (E-mail ID of all RC’s are available at

Q. Can I submit the BTS Synopsis online?

A. Yes. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, IGNOU began accepting synopses and projects through the online mode.

How to do IGNOU BTS Synopsis?

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