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5 Steps in IGNOU PGDCSR Project Synopsis (MEDSP-51)

IGNOU PGDCSR Project Synopsis (MEDSP-51)

IGNOU PGDCSR Project (MEDSP-51) with 8 credits chosen by you will be a novel experience designed to assist you in learning by doing. Project work in CSR is based on a variety of sources of information. The more dependable the information acquired, the more reliable the source of information. The sort of information to be gathered is determined by the type of CSR study you intend to do. As a result, as a CSR expert, you must have a broad understanding of the many types and sources of primary and secondary information.

What you studied in the PGDCSR theoretical courses may help you comprehend core concepts, processes, issues, challenges, dynamics, planning, monitoring, and evaluation of CSR programmes. After studying the Fundamentals of CSR, CSR Process, CSR Implementation, and CSR Projects and Programs, it is time to become acquainted with CSR activities / issues / programmes / projects at the field level. This IGNOU PGDCSR Project Synopsis work (MEDSP-51) will assist you in gaining not just information and expertise, but also the ability to analyse CSR activities, challenges, programmes, and projects using either a case study or a survey technique. This IGNOU PGDCSR Project Synopsis work (MEDSP-51) will also serve as a guide, demonstrating how to develop an IGNOU PGDCSR synopsis, perform the study, write the IGNOU PGDCSR report, and submit it for review.

The Basic 5 Steps in IGNOU PGDCSR Project Synopsis (MEDSP-51)

The following 5 steps are included in the IGNOU PGDCSR Project Synopsis (MEDSP-51):

Step 1) Choose a topic by considering the following factors.

• The topic’s suitability.

• The topic’s relevance to CSR.

• The amount of time you have at your disposal.

• The ability to collect data within the time frame specified.

• Data gathering challenges and how to overcome them

• The expense of data acquisition.

• Communication capabilities and knowledge of the local language.

The following information should be included in the IGNOU PGDCSR Synopsis: Title, Introduction, Objectives, Problem Statement, Research Methodology (including locality, sample, data collecting equipment, and statistical techniques to be utilised), Limitations, if any, and References.

Step 2) Choose a Supervisor and Consult with the Supervisor for Topic Finalization Guidance.

a) IGNOU Academic Counsellors at Learner Support Centres for PGDCSR / MADVS programmes with relevant experience are suitable project supervisors.

b) Teachers/Researchers/Development Professionals in CSR/Development Studies or allied fields such as Extension Education, Social Work, Economics, Sociology, Public Administration, Political Science, Rural Development, and so forth (PhD preferable or M.Phil/Masters with 5 years experience).

c) Staff at the Headquarters (School of Extension and Development Studies).

If the suggested supervisor is not acceptable to the School of Extension and Development Studies, the student will be notified, and the student should change supervisors and resubmit the request. As it will be regarded a new IGNOU MEDSP-51 synopsis, the student will resubmit the IGNOU PGDCSR project proposal with the signature of the new supervisor.

Similarly, if a student wishes to change his or her supervisor for whatever reason, he or she must submit the IGNOU PGDCSR Proposal together with the new supervisor’s signature on a new project proposal proforma, since it would be regarded a new submission. In the case of academic counsellors, it should be clearly stated which courses he/she is counselling for and since when, as well as the name and code of the study centre to which he/she is linked. The University will pay the project supervisor a token fee of Rs.300/- for advising the student (the payment may be revised from time to time).

Supervisory Responsibilities

• To assist in the selection of a certain topic.

• To encourage students to read and refer to books, journals, newspapers, and periodicals, as well as to speak with experts in the field to find out about issues of interest to them.

• To offer information on the locations where empirical data for the IGNOU MEDSP-51 Project can be obtained (if necessary).

• To offer information about relevant publications.

• To excite learners on a regular basis and to assist them whenever they require it.

• Encourage students to create unique work rather than copying or reproducing it, and to work in a methodical manner.

• Provide a letter of authorization that allows/assists the student in collecting data for research (the authorisation letter may also be provided by the concerned study center/regional centre).

Step 3) Submission and Approval of IGNOU PGDCSR Project Synopsis

Following the selection of the supervisor and the finalisation of the subject, the student should send:

• Project Proposal Proforma completed and signed by the supervisor (Annexure-II)

• One copy of the typed IGNOU PGDCSR Proposal (3 to 5 pages) and

• Supervisor Bio-data (2 pages with complete contact details, academic background, work experience, etc.) for approval by speed post to:

Project Coordinator (PGDCSR)

School of Extension and Development Studies (SOEDS)

Block 15-F,

IGNOU Maidan Garhi New Delhi-110068

On the top right hand corner of the envelope, please write “IGNOU PGDCSR Project Synopsis (MEDSP-51)”. Students should keep a copy of the summary. Students admitted in the January session are advised to submit their IGNOU PGDCSR Proposals by the 30th of April, and those admitted in the July session by the 31st of October, to ensure timely approval of the IGNOU PGDCSR Synopsis, submission of the IGNOU PGDCSR Report, evaluation of the project report, and completion of the programme. Students who miss these deadlines can, however, submit project ideas for approval at any time during the year, resulting in a delay in the completion of the programme.

Step 4) Approval Communication

Within four weeks of the proposal’s reception at the School, a formal notice regarding project approval/non-approval will be issued to the student by e-mail/post.

Step 5) Resubmission of IGNOU PGDCSR Project Synopsis

In the event that the IGNOU PGDCSR Synopsis is not approved, the comments/suggestions for reformulating the project will be given to the student. In this scenario, the amended IGNOU PGDCSR synopsis should be submitted along with the revised project proposal proforma and a copy of the rejected project proposal, project proposal proforma containing the evaluator’s remarks, and the P.P. No. (Project Proposal Number) assigned.

Download Links for IGNOU MEDSP-51 Project Synopsis Sample Pdf and IGNOU MEDSP-51 Project Report Sample Pdf

To download the IGNOU MEDSP-51 Project & IGNOU MEDSP-51 Synopsis Sample PDFs, you must click on the following link;

5 Steps in IGNOU PGDCSR Project Synopsis (MEDSP-51)

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