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4 Stages of IGNOU PGDDC Project Work (MDCP-7)

4 Stages of IGNOU PGDDC Project Work (MDCP-7)

IGNOU PGDDC Project Work (MDCP-7), for which you have chosen 06 credits, will be a new experience for you and will aid you in learning by doing. Development research is based on a variety of sources of data. The more dependable the information source, the more reliable the information obtained. The sort of data to be gathered is determined by the type of development study. As a result, as a development professional, you’ll need a broad understanding of the many types and sources of primary and secondary data.

Understanding core concepts, processes, issues, difficulties, dynamics, planning, monitoring, and evaluation of development programmes may be aided by what you studied in PGDDC theoretical classes. After learning the fundamentals of development studies, it’s time to get to know development activities, challenges, programmes, and initiatives on the ground. IGNOU PGDDC Project Work (MDCP-7) will assist you in gaining not just knowledge and information, but also skills in assessing development activities, topics, programmes, and projects utilising either a case study or a survey technique. This blog titled “IGNOU PGDDC Project Work (MDCP-7)” will also serve as a guide, demonstrating how to draught an IGNOU PGDDC Synopsis, conduct research, write an IGNOU PGDDC Report, and submit it for review.

An Overview of IGNOU PGDDC Project Work (MDCP-7)

IGNOU PGDDC Project Work will help you to develop your ability to choose a topic, develop an IGNOU PGDDC Synopsis, formulate methods for data collection, gather data, and generate material for a report on a certain issue. Diverse techniques are used for various projects. However, in an IGNOU MDCP-7 Project, you are suggested to employ the case study or survey approach.

Stages of IGNOU PGDDC Project Work (MDCP-7)

IGNOU PGDDC Project is an in-depth examination of how you organise your work. The goal of the IGNOU PGDDC Project Work is to enable you to analyse circumstances, and you will be asked to apply what you have learned while taking various PGDDC courses into effect through the project. It is a method of applying the information learned in various courses to the challenges and concerns raised by daily occurrences in the field of development communication.

IGNOU PGDDC Project Work is worth six credits and requires around 180 hours of total work to complete. Your Project Work may be between 10,000 and 12000 words in length (60-70 pages). Bear this in mind while selecting a theme for the project.

The idea is that you should be able to convey all of your thoughts inside this word restriction. You may write your Project in either English or Hindi. We would prefer to get your Project Work typed and bound.

The project will proceed in stages, as shown below. You must do research on the topic that has been finalised and authorised as part of MDCE-006.

Stage 1: Preparation of IGNOU PGDDC Synopsis

Your IGNOU PGDDC proposal is simply a description of the work you expect to conduct and the method by which you intend to do it. The first stage in developing an IGNOU PGDDC Proposal is to choose an appropriate subject for the project’s work. Finally, by defining the major concept, time period, and dimension of your project, you may choose a title. To the extent feasible, you should limit the title and make it quite specific. Consider your options carefully and consult with your Supervisor extensively before settling on a theme for your project.

Stage 2: Submission of IGNOU PGDDC Synopsis

After selecting the option for project work, you are required to submit a typed copy of your IGNOU PGDDC Proposal together with the Project Proposal form. You should confirm that the Academic Counselor or the Teacher/Professional/Researcher who has agreed to function as your Supervisor has signed the P.P form of your IGNOU MDCP-7 Synopsis.

IGNOU PGDDC Proposal will be approved by the Programme Coordinator. After the project proposal has been approved, you may begin working on the project. If you are recommended to amend the MDCP-7 proposal, you should include the faculty’s ideas and criticisms into your revised proposal.

Stage 3: Writing the IGNOU PGDDC Project Work

Your project’s two most critical components are originality and clarity. Bear in mind that your project will assess your analytical capacity and communication abilities. This type of writing is not only a means of remembering your impressions or telling a tale; it is also a means of organising your thoughts.

While such, bear the following considerations in mind as you write your IGNOU PGDDC Project Work:

• The scope of the Project Work is determined by the nature of the project’s topic. However, it is preferable to produce the Project Work in a normal size of 10000-12000 words (60–70 pages). You may write your Project Work in either Hindi or English.

• Separate your report into around four to five chapters. Each chapter has Sections and Subsections. This will give your project a distinct framework and avoid disparate ideas from overflowing into disparate locations.

• An introduction is critical because it establishes a precise entrance point for your project. Following that, the Aims and Objectives should be defined very precisely and succinctly.

• To some part, the quality of your project is determined by the strength of your methodology. As a result, the process should be specified explicitly. To be clear, methodology relates to I theoretical viewpoints and the logic of inquiry that lead the study, (ii) data gathering methodologies, and (iii) data analysis tools or processes.

• A Synopsis of comparable or pertinent projects/studies conducted by other researchers.

• At the conclusion of each part, your ideas should be nicely woven together and logically conclude. The interconnectedness of various portions should be preserved.

• Each chapter should conclude with a paragraph titled ‘Summing Up.’

• Organize your results by aim; • Write the project in your own language, utilising basic terms and short phrases whenever feasible. It is preferable to compose the initial draught first and then modify it for language and substance.

• Cite and properly reference images, maps, schematics, and illustrations where necessary.

Stage 4: Submission of IGNOU PGDDC Project Work

Prepare two copies of your IGNOU PGDDC Report and send one to the following address for review with a cover letter:

Assistant Registrar (Project Section),

Student Evaluation Division

Project Section, Block 3

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110068

Maintain a duplicate of your Project Work on your person, since IGNOU will not return it to you. Ascertain that your IGNOU PGDDC Report includes the declarations contained in Annexures ‘B’ and ‘C’, which have been officially signed by you and your Supervisor.

Please note that the IGNOU PGDDC Report is a component of your Term-End Examination (TEE), and 100 points will be assigned to the Project Work as follows for assessment reasons.

Download Links for IGNOU MDCP-7 Project Synopsis Sample Pdf and IGNOU MDCP-7 Project Report Sample Pdf

To download the IGNOU MDCP-7 Project & IGNOU MDCP-7 Synopsis Sample PDFs, you must click on the following link;

4 Stages of IGNOU PGDDC Project Work (MDCP-7)

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