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IGNOU MTTM Project: Some Vital Factors to Keep in Mind

The goal of a master’s degree program in tourist administration is to train professionals to work in the field. As the tourist industry continues its meteoric rise, the need for trained professionals in the field has grown in recent years. Students’ progress in the training can be evaluated by observing how well they execute the IGNOU MTTM Project. Students who earn their MTTM will be prepared for careers as hotel managers, travel advisors, ticketing aides, and others in the rapidly growing travel and tourism business.

The student’s contributions at each step of the IGNOU MTTM Project’s development must be recorded to ensure a reliable evaluation of their skills and knowledge. This also allows you to evaluate the professional’s competence.

You Should Think About These Before You Begin Your IGNOU MTTM Project: Both the IGNOU MTTM Synopsis and the IGNOU MTTM Project Report should be well-thought-out to ensure acceptance by the IGNOU teachers. You will have to wait a long period to submit your IGNOU MTTM Project Synopsis & Report again if it is denied.

The success of your project is going to be measured by how thoroughly you evaluate its outcomes.

Ways to Finish Your IGNOU MTTM Project

The results and strategy of the job can be evaluated with the help of the IGNOU MTTM Project work. The basic procedures are as follows:

  • Selecting A Subject And A Supervisor/Guide, Writing Up A Proposal For An IGNOU MTTM Project, And Sending It Off To The Regional Head Of The Appropriate Regional Center Are All Required Steps.
  • Having The Appropriate Regional Center Sign Off On The Plan;
  • IGNOU MTTM Dissertation/Report Preparation And Submission To The Appropriate Regional Director In Accordance With The Approved Synopsis

Several Essential Considerations for the IGNOU MTTM Project

In the preface of your IGNOU MTTM project, you must include information about the topic’s context and why you chose it, so that your supervisor and readers can gain a better understanding. Mention the associated points, and the content should provide a broader perspective while remaining relevant to the topic’s scope.

Word count is something you must keep in mind when writing the introduction to your IGNOU MTTM Project, as IGNOU standards require you to write between 10,000 and 15,000 words for the entire dissertation, which includes the Introduction, literature review, research methodology, data analysis, etc.

This is the second chapter following the introduction and includes both published and unpublished material on the topic.

The objective:  is to emphasize and examine the relative strengths and weaknesses of the selected study topic, as well as to identify any research gaps. This topic’s dissection and essential terms may have a positive effect on your dissertation and your advisor.

Methodology: This is the most important section of the IGNOU MTTM Project, in which you must describe the methodologies and strategies used for data collection and analysis. This typically includes aspects such as study design, sample size, data collection method, etc.

The results of the investigation: are discussed in detail in the chapter entitled Findings and Analysis. This chapter summarizes all significant findings/results without providing translations or drawing conclusions. Charts, diagrams, and tables may be useful for identifying pertinent patterns and relationships within the chapter.

This section’s primary objective is to establish a connection between the result and evidence from the literature.

All references, including websites and books, must be formatted according to the criteria.

When summarizing a project for the IGNOU MTTM program, it’s vital that you keep a few things in mind.

Guidelines and communication with them should always be observed for the project’s execution. At a bare minimum, the IGNOU MTTM 16 Synopsis should detail the steps that will be taken to bring the merchandise to fruition. The following is the recommended format for the IGNOU MTTM Synopsis Proposal:

The summary, which should be between 15 and 20 pages lengthy, should typically address the following issues:

  • Title of Project Overview and Goals
  • How the study was done
  • Justification
  • Conclusions
  • Appendices for Further Study (if necessary)

IGNOU MTTM 16 Report Submission Checklist

Make sure the following is included in the summary portion of your dissertation:

  • Keep the same term as in your accepted synopsis/proposal.
  • A statement endorsed by both you and your superior is included in Annexure C.
  • Letter of Approval from Program Coordinator After Review of Dissertation Summary

After you send your Dissertation, it will be read by a reviewer. You need a 40% or higher on your dissertation to complete the MTTM-16 training.

The Dissertation Report is reviewed twice yearly, in June and again in December, during the Term End Examinations.

The applicant must mail their IGNOU MTTM 16 dissertation to the appropriate Regional Centre’s Director, plainly marking the top of the envelope with the words “IGNOU MTTM PROJECT” and the appropriate postage.

Once a project plan is approved, it is good for one year, though that period can be extended if necessary. Another endorsement will be required if the assignment is not filed. The claims made in the undertaking need to be backed up by credible literature if they are to be taken seriously. The intern needs to retain a copy of the assignment as well as any other relevant paperwork for reference purposes. Any deviation from the requirements outlined in the IGNOU MTTM PROJECT guidance will result in an immediate rejection of the project.


IGNOU MTTM Project: Some Vital Factors to Keep in Mind

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