How to do IGNOU PGDET Synopsis Project (MESP-135)?

IGNOU PGDET Synopsis Project (MESP-135)

IGNOU PGDET Synopsis Project (MESP-135) is an essential part of the PGDET curriculum. It has been envisioned as a series of activities that will allow you to apply the theoretical information you have received from the courses to carry out various activities and to investigate the ground realities relating to the use of technology in educational processes.

Significance of the IGNOU PGDET Synopsis Project (MESP-135)

To acquire an IGNOU PGDET degree, students must complete the PGDET Project course, MESP 135. Because IGNOU is a distance learning university, it is important that these activities be completed on time. Because the majority of IGNOU PGDET students work full-time, they frequently lack the time and resources to complete this project on their own. It is tough to write a synopsis and project for IGNOU’s PGDET programmes, which is why we have offered step-by-step directions on how to do IGNOU PGDET Synopsis Project (MESP-135).

The objective of providing you with Dissertation Work is to expose you to real-life situations while you are getting professional training in a variety of areas of Educational Technology. The Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Technology (PGDET) programme trains students to work as Educational Technology officers, data recovery analysts, cybercrime inspectors, and security managers in any sector using information technology. As a consequence, we have equipped you with comprehensive knowledge that covers the abilities and key areas of Educational Technology, emphasising both theory and practise. Students enrolled in the PGDET programme are urged to work on a project for at least four to six months, particularly in the subject of Educational Technology, such as Wikileaks, a case study on cybercrime in India, the use of electronic signatures, security concerns in e-governance, and so on. The courses you attended and the project you finished have provided you with a solid foundation for working on a wide range of application areas.

Guidelines/Manual of IGNOU PGDET Synopsis Project (MESP-135)

Step 1: Choose a Guide/Supervisor for the IGNOU PGDET Synopsis Project.

An Indira Gandhi National Open University-accredited supervisor will assist your MESP-135 Synopsis. All PGDET programme counsellors at the study centres are qualified to supervise dissertations. The Coordinator of your Study Centre can provide you with a list of supervisors. You can also hire a supervisor from the Educational Technology business or a university/college professor. However, such a person must be:

  • A Manager or a position with higher authority (if chosen from the Educational Technology industry)
  • At least three years of teaching experience is required (for academics)
  • If you are using a supervisor other than the IGNOU Counselors at the various Study Centres, please provide a brief bio-data of him/her to the Programme Coordinator in New Delhi for permission along with the dissertation proposal.
  • If you have any issues, you are always welcome to contact the Program Coordinator and seek assistance.

Step 2: Choose the Most Appropriate MESP-135 Synopsis Topic

The first step toward completing your MESP 135 Dissertation is to choose a subject. By the end of the previous semesters, you will probably certainly know that you want to write on a topic that is closely related to your choice of a career in Educational Technology. Any greater concentrated focus will almost certainly elude you, at least for the time being. Knowing this much gets you off to a solid start. For the time being, a focused and specific topic will most likely evade you.

Inquire about the opinions of the supervisor. Inform him or her of what you’ve read or experienced, what you’re thinking, and how you’re feeling, and ask for assistance. The Supervisor’s inquiry presents an opportunity to learn something new from the Educational Technology specialist. Make the best of the situation. If you succeed in this, you will have a fantastic working subject for your dissertation. You will also have finished the most difficult task: choosing a working topic. Finishing the MESP-135 Dissertation will be a matter of technique from now on.

Step 3: Create an IGNOU PGDET Synopsis Project

After selecting on a course of study and a suitable topic, write an IGNOU PGDET Proposal/Synopsis of no more than 1000 words. Your Proposal is just a statement of what you want to accomplish and how you intend to do it. The dissertation proposal, which should be created in conjunction with the supervisor, should include the following information:

The title of the proposed dissertation.

The suggested topic’s theoretical basis (Why you have chosen the topic).

The goals of your research (State clearly what you hope to learn or achieve through your planned research).

Examine relevant literature on your chosen topic (assessment of previous research efforts) to identify research gaps and provide a theoretical basis for your intended research activity.

Outline of the research approach and technique to be utilised in your proposed study.

Outline of the Chapter Create a list of prospective dissertation chapters. Also, offer a brief overview of each chapter’s topic.

A rough bibliography (note the sources you used/referenced when putting the proposal together).

You may also share your idea with your friends and coworkers, your counsellor, and any specialists in that field that you are aware of. It is recommended that if you want to work for a certain organisation, you get clearance from that organisation as soon as feasible.

Step 4: Submit IGNOU MESP-135 Synopsis

Students should submit the Project Proposal Proforma, one copy of the proposal, and the guide’s bio-data to

The Programme Coordinator (PGDET),

School of Education (SOE),

IGNOU, Maidan Garhi,

New Delhi-110068

for approval after selecting a guide and settling on a topic.

Keep a replica with you since IGNOU will not return your original proposal.

Check that the Dissertation Proposal Proforma in Annexure A of the MESP 135 Guideline is fully completed, including your supervisor’s signature. This Proforma should always be the first or last page of your Dissertation Proposal/Synopsis.

Give your complete postal address as well as the zip code for your area. The Letter of Acknowledgement and Proposal Submission Comment will be sent by Speed Post by IGNOU.

Letters are frequently returned to us because the learners/students provided inaccurate addresses.

Send your proposal exclusively through Registered Mail to ensure that it reaches IGNOU.

Approval Communication

The student will be formally notified of the approval or rejection of the Dissertation proposal. Within a month after the request being approved at the School, the permission should be granted.

The authorization letter will also provide you permission to conduct research and investigations related to your employment at other organisations. This licence, however, does not grant you unrestricted access because the organisations make their own decisions in this regard.

Writing Tips for IGNOU PGDET Synopsis Project

At this point, you should have a better grasp of what a typical PGDET Project proposal looks like. To summarise, here are some additional suggestions for making the most of your PGDET synopsis:

Check to see whether you’ve fulfilled the length and format requirements – Before you do anything else, be sure you understand what IGNOU is looking for. While the information on this page can assist you in writing an IGNOU PGDET Project proposal, it may not be what your institution demands. Make sure you grasp the word count, intended format, specified headings, and due dates before you begin writing.

Make the most of your dissertation supervisor’s knowledge – Throughout the process, your adviser will be there to help you. Discuss your concept with them; they may be aware of related studies or be able to aid you in moulding it into something unique. They can help you with both simple difficulties (such deadlines or word lengths) and more complicated questions (like technique and research process). When working on an IGNOU PGDET Proposal, you may feel isolated; nevertheless, your supervisor is there to assist you; thus, make use of them.

Be clear about your objectives – It’s all too easy to become lost in research and analysis and fall down a never-ending rabbit hole. Maintain your focus on your initial objectives – you must know exactly what you’re looking for and what you hope to achieve with your study.

Finally, consider how you may use what you’ve learned in your PGDET courses in the real world. Consider the broader implications of your study and how it may influence other industries. Make use of industry experts and professional organisations to acquire a new perspective and point of view.

Download Links for IGNOU PGDET Synopsis Project Sample Pdf and IGNOU PGDET Project Report Sample Pdf

To download the Project & Synopsis Sample PDFs, you must click on the following link;

How to do IGNOU PGDET Synopsis Project (MESP-135)?

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