How to do IGNOU DIPP Project (BLEP 1)?


IGNOU DIPP Project work will help you improve your skills in selecting a topic, drafting an IGNOU DIPP Synopsis, developing data collection methods, gathering data, and generating information for IGNOU DIPP Project Report on a certain issue. Various approaches are used for various tasks. However, in IGNOU BLEP 1 Project, you are encouraged to employ the case study or survey technique.

Steps Involved in IGNOU DIPP Project Proposal (BLEP 1)

The Steps Involved in IGNOU DIPP Project Proposal (BLEP 1) are as follows:

Step 1: Consider the Following Points When Choosing a Topic

  • The topic’s suitability.
  • The topic’s relevance to development studies.
  • You have time on your side.
  • Possibility of collecting data within the time frame specified.
  • The difficulties involved in data gathering and how to overcome them
  • There is a cost associated with data collecting.
  • Communication tools and the local language

The following information should be included in the Project Proposal: Title, Introduction, Objectives, Problem Statement, Research Methodology (including location, sample, data collecting equipment, and statistical techniques to be utilised), Limitations, if any, and References.

Step 2: Choose a Supervisor and Consult with the Supervisor for Topic Finalization Guidance.

Academic Counsellors of Diploma in Paralegal Practice (DIPP) with appropriate experience from Study Centres are qualified project supervisors.

b) Paralegal Practice Teachers / Researchers / Paralegal Practice Professionals

c) Staff at the Headquarters (School of Law).

If the suggested supervisor is not acceptable to the School of Law Studies, the student will be notified, and the student should replace the supervisor and resubmit the application. Since a result, the student will submit a new project proposal with the signature of the new supervisor, as it will be treated as a new submission. Similarly, if a student wishes to change his or her supervisor for whatever reason, he or she must submit the project proposal together with the new supervisor’s signature on a new project proposal proforma, since it would be regarded a new submission.

In the case of academic counsellors, it should be clearly stated which courses he/she is counselling for and since when, as well as the name and code of the study centre to which he/she is affiliated. The University would pay the project supervisor a nominal remuneration of Rs.300/- for helping the student (University may revise the honorarium from time to time).

Responsibilities of Supervisor/Guide

  • To assist in the selection of a concentrated topic.
  • Encourage students to read books, journals, newspapers, and magazines, as well as speak with professionals in the field, to find more about issues of interest to them.
  • To offer information on the locations where empirical data for the project can be obtained (if necessary).
  • To offer information about relevant publications.
  • Motivating students on a regular basis and providing them with the assistance they require.
  • Encourage students to create unique work rather than copying or reproducing it, and to work in a methodical manner.
  • Give a letter of authorisation that allows/helps the student gather data for research (the authorization letter may also be supplied by the related study center/regional centre).

Step 3: Submit and Approve the IGNOU DIPP Project Proposal

After deciding on a supervisor and deciding on a topic, the student should submit (a) a completed Project Proposal Proforma signed by the supervisor.

(b) One copy of the written Project Proposal (4 to 5 pages) and (c) Supervisor Bio-data (2 pages with complete contact details, email, cellphone number, academic background, job experience, etc.) for approval to the Project Coordinator.

Students should keep a copy of the summary. Students admitted in the January session are advised to submit their project proposals by the 30th of April, and those admitted in the July session by the 31st of October, to ensure timely approval of the project proposal, submission of the project report, evaluation of the project report, and completion of the programme. Students who miss these deadlines can, however, submit project ideas for approval at any time during the year, resulting in a delay in the completion of the programme.

Step 4: Approval Communication

Within four weeks of the proposal’s reception at the School, a formal notice regarding project approval/non-approval will be given to the student by e-mail and postal mail.

Step 5: Resubmission of the Project Proposal

In the event that the proposal is not approved, the comments/suggestions for reformulating the project will be sent to the student. In this situation, the updated project proposal should be submitted along with the revised project proposal proforma and a copy of the rejected project proposal, project proposal proforma carrying the evaluator’s remarks, and the P.P. No. (Project Proposal Number) assigned.

Some Important Points to consider when writing an IGNOU DIPP Project Proposal

1) Send just one copy of the Project Proposal and keep one for yourself.

2) The package should be clearly marked “BLEP-1” and sent to

Project Coordinator (DIPP)

School of Law (SOL)

Block 15-F

IGNOU Maidan Garhi

New Delhi-110068.

3) When submitting the proposal, be sure to include the following:

a) Proforma for project proposal approval, fully filled out and signed by both the student and the supervisor.

b) The supervisor’s bio-data, officially signed, with details on year of birth, full office and residential addresses, contact telephone numbers, academic credentials, including year of passing, and work experience, as well as the designation and name of the organisation.

c) Proposal for a project.

4) The Project Proposal should include the following sections: Title, Introduction, Objectives, Problem Statement, Research Methodology (including the location, sample, data collecting devices, and statistical techniques to be utilised), Limitations, and References.

Format of IGNOU DIPP Project Report (BLEP 1)

The report should be organised as follows.

Title: The report’s title page should include the project course code: BLEP-1, the title of the project, the student’s name, enrolment number, address, school name, and year.

Project Proposal Proforma Approved (as second page).

Certificate of Originality: Signed by both the student and the supervisor.

Acknowledgements, if any:

Table of Contents:

Introduction: The problem will be introduced in this part. It should be able to convey to the reader what the issue is all about, how it came to be, and what motivated the researcher to pursue the topic. The aims and justification for the research must be included in the introduction.

Review of Related Literature: A review of literature is a collection of previous scholars’ work that has been published in the form of books, journals, and articles. It aids in the generation of ideas and the development of key research questions.

Methodology: Methodology comprises sample, tests/tools, and statistical analysis. The size and composition of the sample will be determined by the topic chosen. The tests/tools should be chosen depending on the study objectives. The data gathered using the tests/tools is then evaluated using relevant statistical techniques.

Result and Discussion: The study findings are presented in tabular and graphical form following statistical data analysis. These are then examined in light of previous research findings. The findings’ implications are also explored.

Conclusion: Under this topic, the student must summarise the study findings.

Limitations: This section discusses the research’s constraints and limitations.

Suggestions for Additional Work: If necessary, the learner might provide recommendations for more research in the specific area based on the research findings.

References (APA format): References must be written in the APA format. These should be listed alphabetically.

Appendices: Interview schedule / questionnaire will be utilized for research purposes.While submitting the IGNOU DIPP Project Report for review, the Supervisor may send the bill for Project Guidance. It should be accompanied by a cover letter for project submission.

Some Important Points to consider when writing an IGNOU DIPP Project Report

1) English is the language to be used for project work.

2) The hardbound project report should be submitted in original in A-4 size (29 x 20 cm), typed in 1.5 line space, by Registered / Speed post to:

Assistant Registrar (Project Section)

Students Evaluation Division

IGNOU Maidan Garhi

New Delhi-110068.

3) Write “PROJECT REPORT- BLEP-1” on the top of the envelope. This will make it easier to sift through Project Reports received in the Project Section for various Programs.

4) Students should maintain a copy of the Project Report on their person at all times. The Project Report that has been assessed will not be returned to the student.

How to Download IGNOU DIPP Project Proposal Sample Pdf and IGNOU DIPP Project Report Sample Pdf?

To download the Project & Synopsis PDFs, you must click on the following link;

How to do IGNOU DIPP Project (BLEP 1)?

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