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4 Steps to undertake the IGNOU CHCWM Project (BHMP-101)

IGNOU CHCWM Project (BHMP-101)

Through this IGNOU CHCWM Project (BHMP-101), we hope to raise your awareness and encourage you to make good changes in your attitude toward effective waste management. IGNOU CHCWM Project (BHMP-101) also aims to help you acquire specific abilities that will allow you to spot fallacies, assess common problems, and devise effective answers to some of them. IGNOU CHCWM Project wok (BHMP-101) allows you to experiment and invent. It will assist you in gathering firsthand information and exposing you to the issues that exist in the field of health care waste management.

IGNOU CHCWM Project (BHMP-101) might also serve as a springboard for you to dive more into the many aspects of health-care waste. management that extends beyond the scope of this programme and that you may want to continue after the programme is over.

The four steps for planning, conducting, and preparing a report on your IGNOU CHCWM Project (BHMP-101) are as follows:


The most important thing to select is the topic of the IGNOU CHCWM Synopsis you want to work on.

Topics of the IGNOU CHCWM Synopsis

Choose a topic that interests you and that you are familiar with.

The following is a list of potential IGNOU CHCWM Report themes from which you can choose. You can also choose your own subject.

Topics for IGNOU CHCWM Synopsis Project Work Suggestions

1) Surveys of health-care facilities to learn about waste management procedures.

2) In a health-care facility, a study of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAl).

3) Conduct laboratory research on health-care waste management strategies.

4) Investigate the health risks linked with medical waste at a hospital and the community.

5) An incineration survey.

6) Research the health risks associated with garbage pickers who handle medical waste.

7) A KAP (knowledge, attitude, and practise) research on health care waste management among nursing personnel in operating rooms, acute surgical wards, and intensive care units.

8) Conduct a research on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling) principles in a hospital setting.

9) Conduct a research on the creation of radioactive waste and the health risks associated with it.

10) Conduct a needle stick injury survey among various health care practitioners.

11) The presence of mercury in health-care institutions.

12) Patient safety and waste management in health care.

13) Research your district’s rural vaccination programmes and trash management practises.

14) Research your country’s health-care waste legislation and regulatory mechanisms.

15) Research on various waste treatment techniques.

16) Research the health risks that hospital waste poses to waste handlers.

17) The impact of various training and awareness programmes on the management of health-care waste.

18) Research regional centralised facilities.

After you’ve settled on a topic, you’ll need to decide on an approach.

Methodology of the IGNOU CHCWM Synopsis Project

The approaches listed below are among those from which you can select the most suited for your IGNOU CHCWM Report:

1) Use of case studies

2) Research on knowledge, attitudes, and practise

3) Evaluation/assessment studies

4) Comparative research


Decide on the location, locale, or institution where the IGNOU CHCWM Report will be carried out once you’ve initially settled on a topic and the methods you’d want to use. Before you begin planning your IGNOU CHCWM Synopsis in detail, you must first make contact with the area/locality/institution where you will conduct it to determine: the feasibility of the IGNOU CHCWM Proposal; the composition of the area and resources available; and the most appropriate strategies and methodology for conducting the IGNOU CHCWM Report.


Make a thorough strategy for how you will carry out the job. The list that follows will act as a guide for you to use while you design your IGNOU BHMP-101 Project. You can create your own list based on the principles provided below, depending on the topic of your IGNOU CHCWM Synopsis:

1) Determine the amount of time necessary for conducting and producing the report.

2) The size of the sample for the study must be decided depending on scheduling constraints.

3) The methodology to be used for data collecting must be thought out in detail.

4) Additional resources, such as tools, equipment, and labour, should be identified, and the feasibility of their availability evaluated. Please keep the time frame in mind when making these decisions.

5) Community, institutional, and individual personality support may be required.

A comparable guideline should be established for the project’s execution:

1) Establishing contact with the community or institution to begin or offer assistance during the course of the support, as well as the frequency of encounters.

2) The numerous resources needed for the conduction must be gathered.

3) Data must be obtained using the approach chosen within the time span allotted.

4) Observations must be recorded, and the data must be analysed if necessary.

5) An IGNOU CHCWM Project Report must be written.


A report must be written and sent to the coordinator after the IGNOU CHCWM Proposal is done. The project report should be typed properly and contain 30 to 40 double-spaced pages (excluding the appendix and exhibits). The following is a template for the report’s format. You are free to change it to suit your needs.

  • Objectives of the Project’s Theme
  • Introduction
  • Methodology includes a review of the literature relevant to the topic.
  • Discussions and observations
  • Conclusions and suggestions

To download the IGNOU CHCWM Project & IGNOU CHCWM Synopsis Sample PDFs, you must click on the following link;

4 Steps to undertake the IGNOU CHCWM Project (BHMP-101)

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