IGNOU MAPC Project Guide list

You can Simply Download the IGNOU MAPC Project Guide list from the link below;

Who can be the Guide/Supervisor of IGNOU MAPC Project Synopsis Report?

You will need a Guide/Supervisor to complete the IGNOU MAPC Project Synopsis Report.

The following are the eligibility requirements for Guide/Supervisor:

a) M.Phil/Ph.D. in Psychology with at least two years of undergraduate/postgraduate psychology teaching experience

b) Alternatively, a Master’s Degree in Psychology with at least two years of postgraduate psychology teaching experience is required.

c) Alternatively, a Master’s Degree in Psychology with at least five years of undergraduate psychology teaching experience is required.

The supervisor’s bio-data, fully signed by the supervisor, should be supplied together with the IGNOU MAPC Synopsis. The Discipline of Psychology, SOSS, IGNOU shall authorise the supervisor. However, if you choose Academic Counsellor as your Guide, you do not need to provide bio-data. At any given moment, an Academic Counsellor can oversee a maximum of 10 students in order to devote enough time to mentoring them.

You will send the IGNOU MA Psychology Synopsis, together with the supervisor’s bio-data (whenever needed), to the Study Centre/Regional Centre.

The MA Psychology synopses will thereafter be sent to the Discipline of Psychology, SOSS, IGNOU, New Delhi for clearance by the Study Centre/Regional Centre.

The Supervisor/Guide would be compensated for guiding each IGNOU MAPC Project. After final submission of the learners’ IGNOU MAPC Project/dissertation to the Regional Centre, he/she can claim Project Guidance pay utilising a Proforma (Appendix-II).

What kind of help students can get from the IGNOU MAPC Project Guide List?

Students can pick a guide/supervisor from the IGNOU MAPC Project Guide List to assist them in picking a much-focused IGNOU MA Psychology topic.

• They encourage the learner to read books/newspapers/magazines and speak with professionals in the field to find out about issues of interest to them.

• They give information on the locations where the project’s empirical data can be collected.

• They give information about relevant books.

• They periodically inspire the student and supply her/him with the assistance she/he need.

• They urge the student to work really, honestly, and independently, rather than copying or reproducing the original material in its entirety.

• They advise the student on how to do research and write the IGNOU MAPC project report ethically.

• They provide a letter of authorization that allows her/him to gather data for a research study in various agencies, hospitals, schools, or organisations in her/his region. The concerned research center/regional centre may provide the authorization letter.

Some FAQs related to IGNOU MAPC Project Guide List

Q. What exactly is MAPC Project?

An MAPC project is a research endeavour in which you gather data and synthesise it in the form of a MAPC project report dissertation.

Q. Where do I send my IGNOU MAPC project synopsis?

A. You must submit the project synopsis to your Study Centre or Regional Centre.

Q: Who reviews the project synopsis?

A. The Discipline of Psychology, SOSS, IGNOU, New Delhi, evaluates the project description.

Q. Where do I turn in my project report/dissertation?

A. It should only be filed to the Regional Centre.

Q. When should I submit my project report/dissertation throughout the academic year?

A. If you were admitted in the January batch, you must submit your Project/Dissertation by November 31st; if you were admitted in July, you must submit your Dissertation by May 31st.

Q. How should the project report be written?

A. The report must be written in the format specified in the Project Handbook.

Q. Will a viva-voce be held based on my IGNOU MAPC project report/dissertation?

A. There will be a viva-voce.

Q. Is it required to include a copy of the proposal approval in the project report?

A. Of course,

Q. How many copies of the ma psychology project report are required to be submitted?

A. Only one copy (hard copy) is required. However, you must keep one copy and provide the other to the guide/supervisor.

Q. Where will the project TEE (viva-voce) be held?

Viva-voce sessions will be held at the different Regional Centres.

Q. Do I need to bring the Ma Psychology Project Report with me to the TEE (viva-voce)?

A. You will not be able to present for TEE if you do not have the Project Report. You must also have an IGNOU University Identity card with you.

Q. What are the Project passing grades?

A. The passing grade is 40.

Q. Who should I contact if I have any questions or have feedback/suggestions concerning the project?

A. You can send an email to [email protected]

Q. Do I have to pay any exam costs for the TEE in the project?

A. Yes, you must pay Rs. 120/- as exam costs to sit in the project TEE.

Q. How long will my approved ma psychology synopsis be valid?

A. Once accepted, your synopsis will be valid for the duration of your admission. 

If you want any help regarding IGNOU MAPC Project Report Work & IGNOU MAPC Synopsis pdf then you can mail us at [email protected]

Link to Download IGNOU MAPC Project Synopsis Report Pdf

You can download some IGNOU MA Psychology Project Report pdf and & IGNOU Psychology Synopsis pdf by clicking on the link below:

IGNOU MAPC Project Guide list

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